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Hometown Hero

Romans Chevrolet Buick-KGGF Radio Present Hometown Heroes


Help us Recognize and THANK those who are on the Frontlines daily serving us - Hometown Heroes like Doctors, Nurses and
Medical workers - EMT's, Police and Firefighters - Essential Retail and Food Service Workers - Caregivers - Sanitation
Workers - Friends and Neighbors who are making a difference during this difficult time.  Click the link below
to give us a picture and information. We will post them here and talk about them on the radio stations.




Staff at Coffeyville Regional Medical Center 

The staff puts themselves in a position to be exposed to COVID-19 virus while taking care of patients.


Coffeyville Fire Department

They continue to work tirelessly to protect our community exposing themselves to the virus.


Coffeyville Police Department

They continue to work tirelessly to protect our community exposing themselves to the virus.


  Matthew Blair
EMT supervisor, Stewart’s Ambulance
He hiked 48 peaks in New Hampshire all over 4,000 feet tall, in 48 days, all while working a 48-hour workweek. To raise money for the “no kid hungry” campaign. 

Jami Vineyard

Jami is an ob nurse at CRMC. She is attending Pitt State to get her masters to be an APRN.

She is amazing, my rock, encouraging with amazing faith an always calms my nerves when I am getting unraveled. God has blessed her so much he always gives her the words I need to hear. She keeps in contact weekly with us, her neighbors, her life group, her kids, an parents an even all my kids. ~Jennifer 


Tighe VanAnne 

Firefighter / EMT Coffeyville Fire Department

Working the front line of this epidemic as a first responder take drive and compassion for not only our community, but the people of our community.


Olivia VanAnne

LPN at Coffeyville Regional Medical Center

She is currently working in the clinic on the front line of this epidemic while attending CCC to obtain her RN license.


Meggin Blex

ARNP Owner of Southeast Kansas Healthcare

Meggin works tirelessly to serve her patients. She takes the time to make sure her patient needs are being met. Each day Meggin and her dedicated staff risk exposure to Covid 19 to unselfishly serve the needs of others.

Caney Valley Agape Network and Food Pantry

This is a relentless group of people who volunteer their time to bring fresh food to the Caney and surrounding area. They have over come the challenge of these trying times to continue in a safe manner! They are heroes!


Cindy Price 

Donated 50 sewn masks to Coffeyville Regional Medical Center and is currently working on more for a local nursing home. 

Thank you Cindy Price for donating your time and effort to Coffeyville. We appreciate you. 

Leslie Hills LPN 

Leslie is a nurse at a long term care facility. Through this crisis, she has selflessly isolated herself from all friends and family to insure the safety of her residents. The long hours and extra stress have been tough, but she is devoted to caring for her residents to the best of her ability. She is my hero.


Jeannie Hains 

Natural Food Center 

Because she keeps our supplements and vitamins at a time when we need to stay keep healthy, offers advice and information to help us.

Janna Baker 


RN and director @CRMC for the Wound Care Center


She is RN and director @CRMC for the Wound Care Center


Ann Bryan 

Caney Valley School District as a bus driver.

Ann, along with many others, deliver breakfast and lunch to all the kids around Caney.


Donna Gee 

Caney Valley School District

She is helping deliver breakfast and lunch to all the kids in Caney Schools!

John Gates

EMS-Fire (Paramedic Firefighters) 

CRMC Paramedic & Independence ER   

John received a life saving award for saving a man in cardiac arrest for 15 minutes.         



Chelsea Woolfolk

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center 

RN in ICU & ER 

Michel Gates 

City of Coffeyville-Water Treatment Operator

Amanda Jo Gates 

Community State Bank - Universal Banker 


Rick Whitson

Montgomery County Director Of Emergency Management, and the District Fire Chief. He is also the deputy coroner. He has been in this position for 3 years. He was a Captain an Advanced EMT (I’m still an AEMT) for the city of Independence for nearly 20 years prior to this job. He is married to Erica and they have two boys, Boston 11 and Phoenix 3.

Melanie Savage 


Infection Control Windsor Place

She says when asked, she likes bugs so it’s no wonder that she pours her heart and soul into the protection of the people she loves. This fight against the COVID 19, she has been unrelenting in her learning and teaching safety to our communities. She has a passion to protect people. She works tirelessly ensuring all of our communities understand the latest changes that will help ensure safety in these uncertain times. She understands people’s fears and meet them where they are to help ensure resident and staff safety. She has always given everything she has to help make our facilities a home. She responds quickly when information changes She is open minded to listen for input from others and will stand on the facts of the day for the directions she gives She works tirelessly to keep our most precious and vulnerable population safe. Her dedication and passion hells bring calmness to the residents and staff during these uncertain times.



Rylee Kelly 

RN At Claremore Hillcrest

She is on the front-lines fighting this nasty virus


Austin Samson

Department manager at Employee Owned Homeland.

He works nonstop to make sure Nowata County has all their milk and other dairy needs met during this trying time.


Quentin Malotte and the delivery specialists at the Parsons depot

Quentin is just one of many delivery drivers for Schwans. These delivery specialists have dedicated themselves to the frontlines to deliver food to the citizens of southeast KS. They practice social distancing and with Schwans no contact drop off delivery option, they can ensure the safety of not just themselves but to the safety of their customers.


Joe Meier, M.D. 


Dr. Meier is a Board Certified Family Physician with Neodesha Family Medicine and Cherryvale Family Medicine, as well as an ER Provider with Wilson Medical Center.

He has been working tirelessly to aid Wilson Medical Center, it's Rural Health Clinics, and our communities in providing information and implementing health measures to reduce exposures and ensure patient and staff safety. Dr. Meier has tackled this enormous challenge with compassion, 100% dedication, and his usual positive attitude. He is an amazing asset to our communities!

Mardie Long APRN-BC

She is a family healthcare provider with Wilson Medical Center - Independence Family Medicine.

Mardie is passionate about her patients health, safety, and all around well-being, especially during these uncertain times. Her energy, optimism, compassion and sense of humor are seemingly limitless! She is definitely a lady who goes above and beyond in caring for others

Edward Wagoner 


Edward is a PC Specialist with IT at Wilson Medical Center.

Electronics are the foundation of accessing and providing patient care quickly and accurately. Edward is quick to answer calls for help when glitches are giving staff fits. He is also definitely a ray of sunshine in the halls of WMC! He is often seen spreading cheer, smiles, good will, and handing out popcorn to patients and staff. He is truly brightens a person's day!

Brooke Austin

RN at Labette Health

This is the face of the frontline against this #pandemic or at least what you can see of it from behind the protective gear! Brooke is an RN at Labette Health and is the better half of one of our Senior Field Service Technicians. She is pulling her shifts on the #COVID floor, despite being immunocompromised herself. She has been self-isolating by staying/sleeping in the RV since last week. We thank Brooke and her family for their service and #sacrifice! Thank you to all #nurses around the globe for the courage and selflessness. You are true HEROS!

Mardie Long APRN-BC and Nurse Bella Johnston - RN

Independence Family Medicine

Mardie Long and Bella Johnston from Independence Family Medicine came to our home yesterday for outdoor checkups as my husband is at a higher risk from the Coronavirus. They drew blood, checked vitals and addressed our concerns. Bella wore a tiara and Mardi donned a flip-flop mask her aunt made. They are absolutely the best.

Molly Williams 
She teaches 7th/8th grade English Language Arts. She is also the high school cheer coach. 

Jimmy Bradshaw, Robert Box, Jake Dean, Tony Cozzo, 

Coffeyville Fire Department

Thank you. 

Sabrina Cowan and Annette Marshall 

Sabrina Cowan is a bus driver for Caney Valley Schools and

Annette Marshall works for the elementary school. 

Kent and Ashley Woods 

Chief Yeoman US Navy and stay at home mom and now teacher.

Chief Yeoman Kent Woods and his wife Ashley both from MG County serving our country in VA heard of a need back home in Coffeyville and they didn’t hesitate to respond with, o “I can make those”, and they did. Their 3D printer ran non stop for 3 days to get the first shipment of over 300 3D mask extenders sent back to MG County They have posted to their FB page anyone needing or wanting some to message them and they would make for free and if you could chip in for shipping would help Healthcare people wearing masks non stop can cause ears to become extremely sore and these devices provide comfort to the ears of the healthcare teams who need to continually wear a mask. When asked in jest about these Kent said that it was something I can do to help. To keep the printer running 24/7 he enlisted his wife Ashley to help while he went to work That is a definition of a hero’s to me. No matter what talent you have, you don’t have to be a medical person to make a positive impact in our fight against this virus. Thank you for your service to our country and now a service to our community.


Hunter Boorigie

Hunter is a Single mom & full-time college student.

When Hunter heard that our community would be better protected against this dreadful Covid-19 Virus,if we wore face masks she went into high gear. She started making face masks with donated material for anyone needing/wanting a mask. She posted it on social media and the word spread quickly. She tirelessly made over 600 masks to date and gave them away for free! When she was asked why she wanted to this, her reply was simple. Why wouldn't anyone want to help? It's the right thing to do,especially in this type of situation. You see, Hunter's daughter Keeva has a bad kidney, and is very susceptible to any little infection or virus and sadly, could be deadly to her. So she knows how important it is to take all precautions to keep everyone as safe as possible. Hunter's responded to everyone's need and was happy to help. We may be a little bit biased, but her Father & I are very proud of her and her contribution to our community in this time of need. Thank you Hunter for your hard work & kindness!

Hali Schultheiss, APRN-C

She is a family healthcare provider with Wilson Medical Center - Cherryvale Family Medicine (CFM).

Hali gpes above and beyond to serve and protect her patients at all times. One way she does that is by posting short, informational videos about various topics on the CFM Facebook page. In addition, during this fight against COVID-19, she is providing curbside office visits, as well as telemedicine visits, to keep her patients as safe as possible. Thank you, Hali, for your compassion, dedication, and reliability!


Johnathan Rodriquez, APRN-BC

He is a family healthcare provider with Wilson Medical Center - Independence Family Medicine.

Johnathan is committed to being proactive in keeping his patients safe and bringing peace of mind to staff and patients alike. Here he is getting ready to attend to a patient via a curbside office visit. It is so true what they say - some heroes wear scrubs! We are thankful for John's kindness, sense of humor, compassion and dedication to making life healthier for our communities!

Teresa Goodman
Is a Phlebotomist at Wilson Medical Center.
Teresa always greets patients and staff - and all in our communities - with a huge, friendly smile and a warm greeting - something that is needed especially during these complicated times. It's clear that she loves people and is quick to help in any way possible. She makes what could be an uncomfortable experience (drawing blood) as pleasant as possible, distracting you with her fun and friendly banter. She is truly a hero to many!

Rhonda Clark and Jim Hayward

Owners of 'Jim Hayward Fine Art'gallery and also of 'Confectionate' candy shop

Rhonda and Jim have been heavily invested in Independence since they fell in love with, and moved to, Independence nearly four years ago from Mobile, Alabama. The owners of an amazing art gallery which houses Jim's creations, they also often host festive gallery showings for other area artists to promote their work. They then saw the need for a high quality candy shop and have done a landslide business since opening. They renovated the beautiful gallery, candy shop and New York loft apartment, greatly enhancing the downtown area's ambiance. They are huge supporters of area fundraisers, donating thousands in Jim's artistic creations and candy, as well as time spent "hands-on." The beautiful hanging baskets in downtown Indy. Rhonda and Jim not only donated to these, but water them every single day during the growing season. However, the best thing about them both is what cheerleaders they are for our great city. They are so supportive of, and constantly doing kind things for, others. Their latest venture? During this recent time of self distancing due to COVID19, they have been secretly delivering sacks of their amazing chocolates and designer candies to folks around town that THEY want to thank! Talk about a real mood lifter! They just may be saving lives! Rhonda and Jim are one of the best gifts a community could receive.






Romans Chevrolet Buick-KGGF Radio Present Hometown Heroes


Help us Recognize and THANK those who are on the Frontlines daily serving us - Hometown Heroes like Doctors, Nurses and
Medical workers - EMT's, Police and Firefighters - Essential Retail and Food Service Workers - Caregivers - Sanitation
Workers - Friends and Neighbors who are making a difference during this difficult time.  Click the link below
to give us a picture and information. We will post them here and talk about them on the radio stations.


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