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West Elk Patriots End Game Early Vs Oswego Indians


The West Elk Patriots improved to 7-0 Friday night as they mercy-ruled the 5-1 Oswego Indians in a game that was really never close. Oswego did manage to take their opening drive 75 yards for their one and only touchdown. Their two-point conversion was good and that was the last time West Elk even let the Indians get close.

Maddex Moreno, the Patriot’s hard-running tailback ended up with 4 touchdowns and accounted for 32 of the home-field Patriot’s final 58 points. The score was 44 to 8 at the end of the half and with lighting on the horizon to the west, the West Elk squad came out and took care of business. With less than 7 minutes left in the third quarter, the Pats scored twice and quickly went up by 50, and the game was called.

Other than the opening drive for the Indians, the defense for the Patriots held Oswego to fewer than 3 first downs. Patriot Quarterback Trent Haag was able to connect on several key run-pass-option plays as Moreno’s run threat, as well as Haag's opened up the passing game, especially in the 2nd quarter where West Elk was able to keep their foot on the gas and put the Indians away scoring 30. The Patriots were awarded the District Champion trophy after the game and next week they will travel to Yates Center which has yet to win a game this year.

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