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KSHSAA Releases General Considerations for Fall Sports


With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting back-to-school plans, the Kansas High School Sports and Activities Association (KSHSAA) has released a list of general considerations for fall sports. These considerations are designed to maximize any potential social distancing.


KSHSAA declined to make a decision on delaying the start of the fall sports season, claiming it wanted to gather more information. A final decision is expected sometime next week.


The full list of football considerations can be read below. A document with considerations for all fall sports can be read by following this link.



  • Before, during and after a practice or contest, players, coaches, game officials, team personnel and game administration officials should wash and sanitize their hands as often as possible.
  • Always maintain social distancing guidelines while on the sideline, the practice field, and the field of play, when possible.
  • Everyone should have their own beverage container (identifiable water bottle) that is not shared. Disposable cups are a consideration, if not handled by too many people.
  • Face coverings are permissible and recommended for all coaches and team and game administration officials. School district policy should be followed.
  • Gloves are permissible for all coaches, team staff, and game administration officials.
  • Keep non-essential personnel off the sidelines and practice fields throughout a contest and practice.
  • If available, dressing facilities for game officials and teams should be large enough for them to use social distancing guidelines and should be properly cleaned and sanitized prior to their arrival each day. Schools should consider using staggering locker room guidelines to minimize the number of athletes entering, dressing, and leaving the locker room at one time.
  • The schools should establish a protocol on cleaning and sanitizing of all player equipment (helmets, shoulder pads, etc.), and locker room on a routine basis to mitigate risk. Participants can be required to clean their own equipment daily, as the protocol from the school.
  • Encourage, educate, and stress the importance of behavioral patterns that mitigate the spread, so each athlete has an opportunity to start and finish the 2020 season.
  • The line-to-gain crew (chain crew) should always wear face coverings.
  • Huddle formations should be modified. Huddles should not be formed in a circle, but in rows. Not huddling helps a great deal with social distancing.
  • For 2020, Jamborees are discouraged. Not having a jamboree will limit one exposure to help with the season ahead. If you choose to compete in a Jamboree, then we will permit them to be two teams, three teams or four teams for 2020 only.

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