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Peck Takes Over as Chair of the Ag Committee


When the Kansas Legislature returns to Topeka to start the 2024 Session there will be a new chair of the Ag committee.


Senator Virgil Peck, who represents Senate District 15, will take over in the new role as Chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee on January 8th. This comes after the previous chairman, Dan Kerschen, asked to be relieved from the position. Senate President Ty Masterson, who tapped Senator Peck to fill the position, says he wants to thank Senator Kerschen for his leadership, statesmanship, and graciousness in handing the gavel to Senator Peck ensuring this crucial committee remains in good hands in the future with a seamless transition.


Senator Peck says of all the committees he's served on during his time in the House and Senate, the Agriculture Committee is one he truly enjoys. He says he is not in production agriculture, but he's lived in rural Kansas his whole life and fully understands the importance of agriculture to the Kansas economy.

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