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KHP Urges Drivers to Use Caution During Harvest Season

 As harvest season gets underway in the Midwest, the Kansas Highway Patrol urges drivers to use extra caution when sharing the roadway with farm trucks, tractors, combines and other implements. 

 Most farm equipment is not built to travel at highway speeds and most only move at 15 to 25 miles per hour. Farm equipment is often wider than the lane of traffic so extra room should be allowed when sharing the road. Caution should be practiced on all roads, but especially on busy rural roads with unmarked intersections.

Many farmers may be unaware of traffic following them. Most farmers regularly check for vehicles behind them, however, most of their time must be spent looking ahead to stay on the road and watch for oncoming traffic. Implements are also very loud, hindering their ability to hear your vehicle. When a farm vehicle pulls to the right side of the road, it does not mean it is turning right or allowing you to pass.

Due to the size of some farm equipment, the farmer must execute wide left turns so allow it plenty of room and time to turn. Be alert to see if they might be turning into a driveway or field. When passing farm equipment, use extra caution. Above all, be patient, be aware, and remain focused when sharing the road.

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