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Former Osage County District Attorney Discusses Cynthia Kinney Case

 Officials in Osage County have been looking into a cold case with possible links to a Wichita serial killer.

 The case in question is the 1976 disappearance of Cynthia Dawn Kinney from a Pawhuska laundromat. Former Osage County District Attorney Bill Hall, who served as DA at the time of Kinney's disappearance, says the case was worked hard in 1976.

Recent revelations suggest that an anonymous phone call was taken by the Osage County Sheriff's Office several months after Kinney went missing saying that Kinney could be found in a barn somewhere between the Oklahoma and Kansas state line. The report says that tip was never followed up. Hall says his office investigated all tips closely.

Hall adds that he is glad to see the case reopened.

The Osage County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate the possible link between BTK, also known as Dennis Rader and the Kinney case.


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