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Coffeyville City Commission Candidates Forum


Coffeyville needs work.  That was the general consensus among six City Commission candidates at a forum sponsored by KGGF and the Chamber of Commerce last night.  One theme expressed by several candidates was the need for new leadership.  Don Edwards says it’s time for the commission to get to work and ask questions.


Marilyn Goodson, who is a former city employee says low morale among employees is causing a mass exodus leaving a need to retain current employees and find and train new ones.


Candidates also sounded off on taxes.  Alec Hendryx says high property taxes are an impediment to the city’s growth.


The city’s budget was also discussed by candidates.  Jim Falkner says how to economize while still meeting the city’s needs is an issue that needs to be tackled.


Justin Martin says that funds may be better used for business development along 11th street rather than the downtown area. 


Incumbent commissioner Jason Swindell says a sense of pride needs to be restored to the community before real progress can be made.


The general election is set for November 7th.  Tomorrow evening at  6:00pm KGGF and the Chamber are teaming up to conduct another forum with candidates for the Coffeyville Board of Education.  That forum will also be broadcast live on KGGF as well as Facebook.


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