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Local News

Caney Approves Two Water Projects in Special Session


 With water loss rates between 41 and 43-percent, the Caney City Council looks to lower that number significantly through two major projects.

 In a special session last night, the Caney City Council authorized the replacement of a line on Maple Street that feeds the east and south end of town; a line city officials say is in poor shape. City Administrator Kelley Zellner explains the process of line replacement....

 Zellner says the pipe bursting requires less digging and is more efficient than previous methods.

 In other business, the city of Caney continues to move toward a single water source. Zellner says working with the city of Coffeyville is the best option for water for Caney, even more cost effective and efficient than the current water treatment plant.

 Zellner says he is grateful for Coffeyville officials willingness to work on an agreement supplying water to the town. He plans to attend the Coffeyville City Commission meeting a week from today to share plans and ideas for the project.

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