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Local News

Power Plant Has Longest Run in 5 Years


The Coffeyville Municipal Light and Power steam plant has completed its longest run in five years.

That's the sound of operators disconnecting the plant from the grid and slowly shutting down the large turbine. The plant in town with the large smokestack houses the last of Coffeyville's working steam turbine and generator, and Electric Generation Superintendent Tony Lawson says the plant provided an average of 16 megawatts of power into the grid from July 29th through last Friday.  The plant's use was requested by Grand River Dam Authority during last week's high energy needs.  Coffeyville's new power plant near the airport was online as well and is used on a much more regular basis.  A full feature on the past, present and future of Coffeyville Municipal Light and Power is coming to KGGF later this year.

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