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Local News

Caney Moving Toward Eliminating Water Plant


 As the city of Caney moves toward eliminating the use of their aging water plant, city officials met in special session last night to improve water quality until the system changeover takes place.

 Using ARPA funds, the Caney City Council votes to approve the replacement of Skid A in the water plant. Skid A consists of twenty filters that City Administrator Kelley Zellner says are past their point of efficiency.

 Zellner says replacing this skid of filters should improve the quality of water, adding that this should be the last time filters need to be replaced in the water plant.

 Zellner says many cities and counties across Kansas are moving to consolidated and single water sources, citing cost as the main reason.

 The cost of the skid filter replacement is just over $121-thousand dollars. Zellner says Caney continues to work on a single source water system, and continues to work toward streamlining personnel and increasing efficiency in all city departments.

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