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Teaming Up To Combat Fentanyl


 The Kansas Bureau of Investigation, the Kansas Attorney General’s Office, the Kansas Highway Patrol, and Homeland Security Investigations announce a new collaborative initiative to combat fentanyl in Kansas.

 The Joint Fentanyl Impact Team's objective is to identify and disrupt fentanyl trafficking and distribution networks, and remove the drug from Kansas streets. The team, comprised of KBI special agents, KHP troopers, and HSI agents experienced in complex narcotics investigations, will allow for increased coordination of intelligence, personnel, and resources among federal, state and local law enforcement in Kansas.

 With the introduction of JFIT comes the introduction of four K-9 officers trained and certified in detecting illegal drugs, including fentanyl. These are the first fentanyl-detecting K-9 officers in Kansas. They will work closely with this narcotics team to interrupt all methods of fentanyl movement into Kansas, including intercepting drugs coming into the state through the mail, on our roadways and railways, and flown in by air.

 Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach says the task force and dogs will be powerful weapons in the arsenal to keep dangerous and deadly drugs out of Kansas communities.

 If you have information about the trafficking or sale of illegal drugs, please contact the KBI at 1-800-KS-CRIME, or report it to local law enforcement.

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