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Mental Health Seeing Benefits From TeleHealth


 May was National Mental Health Month, but anxiety is an issue that affects three in ten U.S.adults year round.

 Dr. Tony Sun, Chief Medical Officer for United Healthcare of Kansas, says anxiety often goes hand and hand with depression, which affects about 16 million American adults a year. However, almost 40% of U.S. adults who needed mental health treatment in the last 12 months did not seek help. Dr. Sun believes that while the cost, stigma, and access to healthcare resources are serious issues, those who need help in dealing with mental health may have success in the cloud.

 According to the FAIR Health monthly telehealth tracker, telehealth accounted for 5.5% of medical claims in the U.S. in December 2022, and mental health conditions accounted for 62.5% of diagnoses, which is the top overall diagnosis.

 Virtual resources in mental health have expanded since the COVID-19 pandemic. The full interview between Dr. Tony Sun and Chris Freund is available here.

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