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Local News

Grass Fires in Oklahoma Visible on Satellite


Numerous grass fires have broken out in Osage County, Oklahoma as high winds and low humidity have fuled fire weather conditions.  Fires throughout the region can actually be seen on NOAA Weather Satellite.  A few other hot spots that may indicate fires have been observed in Montgomery and Chautauqua counties in Kansas and Washington county in Oklahoma.  Earlier today, a large grass fire was reported near El Dorado, KS, which was also visible on satellite.  Numerous high wind gusts have been reported, one of 75 miles per hour in Sedan, and many around 60 mph in southeast Kansas and Northeast Oklahoma.


View from the ground in Osage County from our sister station KWON:



View towards Osage county from Liberty, KS.  Dust in the air masks much of the smoke.


Closeup of satellite image:


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