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Local News

Hall Says He Supports CFD


A lot has happened during the month of March involving the City of Coffeyville's Commission, Fire Department, City Manager and the citizens.  A large group showed up to support the former fire chief at a commission meeting, a town hall was held in support of CFD and a picket by the fire union. City Manager Mark Hall, who is at the center of all of this, says all of those are their rights.


Part of this incident stems from a disagreement between Hall and the fire union on Hazmat pay to firefighters. The union filed a grievance with the City. Hall says this is all part of a process.  


He says all of this is negotiated in the contracts with the union each year.  Hall says he understands that the fire department is dear to everybody, that it is a necessary service, it saves lives and they do great work. He says some of the comments that have come out are unfounded but he can't comment on personnel. You can hear the full interview with Hall here.


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