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Estes Votes To Reverse WOTUS

 Representative Ron Estes has voted in favor of a Congressional Review Act to reverse the EPA's Waters of the United States rule implemented by the Biden administration.

 The EPA's WOTUS rule impacts farm ditches, agricultural ponds, and isolated wetlands found in and near farms and ranches across the country. Estes is against what he calls the overreaching WOTUS rule, outlining how its implementation will cause harm to Kansas ag producers.

 Estes says the federal government is overstepping its bounds by implementing a devastating WOTUS rule to manage ponds and puddles a thousand miles from the D.C. Swamp. He says Washington and its desire to micromanage every aspect of life needs to be reined in.

 A CRA resolution allows an expedited process for the House and Senate to review federal regulations and, upon passage, revoke the regulation. In order to overturn a federal regulation, the resolution must pass both chambers of Congress and be signed by the president, or receive a two-thirds majority vote in each chamber to override a president's veto.

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