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Kansas Attorney General Sues Biden Administration


 Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach is suing the Biden administration over the lesser prairie chicken being categorized as a threatened species.

 Kobach says the listing of the species as threatened will devastate Kansas ranchers, Kansas oil producers, and Kansas wind farms.

 The rule change would require Kansas ranchers to seek the federal government’s permission to shift a cattle herd to a new field. Kobach says there would also be tougher restrictions for energy pipelines, roads, and other development, including oil drilling. Kobach says the Biden administration has not considered Kansas’ pre-existing and ongoing conservation and mitigation measures.

 Kansas is part of the “Northern Distinct Population Segment” where the lesser prairie chicken is to be designated a threatened species, while birds in the “Southern Distinct Population Segment” will be designated an endangered species. The Final Rule is to take effect on March 27. If the rule is not withdrawn, Kobach said he will file litigation.

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