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Senator Peck Introduces Several Bills In Topeka

Senator Virgil Peck is introducing several bills early in this legislative session in Topeka.


One is a bill to exempt disabled veterans from paying sales tax in Kansas. The bill is similar to one Peck introduced in 2020, however, this version will provide greater tax savings. Purchases made by, or on behalf of, a disabled vet or their widow, until they remarry, would be exempt if passed.


Peck also testified on his bill to provide Kansas with a back-to-school tax holiday in Topeka last week, saying he found broad support and he expects the tax committee to work the bill in the not-too-distant future.


Peck has introduced similar bills while serving in the House and the Senate, as he said he could see firsthand for years the losses Kansas municipalities on the border have when Oklahoma and Missouri hold their school tax holidays. There are several other school tax holiday bills that have been introduced this legislative session including one backed by Governor Laura Kelly.

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