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Thanksgiving Meal Inflation May Affect Kansans Choices


According to the Food Network, the top Thanksgiving recipe in Kansas is the Traditional Cranberry Salad.


The strawberry gelatin mold, packed with cranberries, pineapple, and other fruits and nuts will cost Kansans $16.68 this year compared to $15.25 in 2021. That means that although the previous Covid-Affected Thanksgivings were unique, families may have to wait another year before the holiday get-togethers return to some sense of normality.


A survey by Usko revealed that over 1 in 5 believe the higher cost of ingredients would have an impact on their Thanksgiving dishes this year. In fact, the same amount of respondents said they would be prepared to cancel the traditional Thanksgiving menu and choose a more low-cost alternative. Finally, over 1/3 of those hosting Thanksgiving this November plan to invite fewer guests, and among those actually cooking 68% expect to have fewer leftovers, with the rise in food prices.

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