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Local News

Caney Asks County For Help With Their Water Emergency


The City Administrator of Caney, Kelley Zellner met with the Montgomery County Commission asking the county for help in removing a log jam on the Caney river that is a half mile north of the City’s water intake pipe. The logjam is holding back water that could be used by the city.

Chair Robert Bever said that they could remove the jam, but the county needed a projected cost before the board would move further. Bever asked City Administrator Kelly Zellner to confer with Jim Wright about the removal. Wright would then report back to the commission next Monday, October 3rd with the projected costs. If Wright was able to come up with the cost prior to the October 3rd meeting then a special session could be convened to give the go-ahead for the logjam removal.

Zellner told the commission the removal was critical for Caney to receive all the water released from Timber Hill Lake which flows into the Little Caney River.

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