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Costs To The County For Lighting Have Been Lowered Dramatically Since Conversion To LEDs


Significant savings for the county has been achieved by upgrading the lighting in all county buildings, including the courthouse, the judicial center, Dearing maintenance barn, county shop, sign shop, parking garage, and the county offices in Coffeyville including the health department, tag office, and senior citizens center. As a result, the lighting cost for the county has dropped 86% since switching to LED lighting.

In his report to the commissioners, County Building Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Phelps said that since 2017 when the county started replacing all the old bulbs and florescent apparatus, the county has spent just under $37,000 on interior and exterior lighting and that’s figuring in insurance reimbursements and grant money. In that same time frame, the county has saved over $75,000 in electric costs for lighting.

It has also improved cooling costs as the new lighting provides more light with less heat. In fact, Phelps measured the intake temperature of the HVAC return duct before the switch and after and there is a difference of about 7 or 8 degrees on average in the judicial building. So the savings have gone beyond just lighting costs.

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