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Parsons Man Arrested for 11 Counts of Criminal Damage


A Parsons man is arrested for criminal damage after officers respond to a domestic disturbance. Early this morning, Parsons Police Officers were dispatched to a report of a domestic fight taking place in the 1700 block of Stevens. The caller told dispatch that a white male with no shirt on was yelling at a female and then took off towards 16th street. Multiple vehicles in the area had their mirrors broken off and witnesses were pointing to the male suspect.


Officers located and detained the suspect, identified as 22-year-old Travis Caine Kellogg, who confessed to the damage. Kellogg damaged nine vehicles, a mailbox and a large flowerpot and broke two windows at the Parsonian Apartments. Reported cost for the windows was close to $6,000. Parsons PD is still waiting for the estimated cost of the nine vehicles that were damaged as well as the mailbox and flowerpot. Kellogg is facing possible charges of 11 counts of felony criminal damage

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