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Gas Prices Creep Higher as Global Oil Remains Tight


Despite typical low seasonal demand for gasoline, pump prices are clawing their way higher. The culprit is the rising price for oil, which is now sitting around $85 per barrel, nearly $20 more than in November. Since dropping to $3.28 in the first week of January, the national average for a gallon of gas has slowly started to rise again.


As for Montgomery County, residents are paying $3.09/gallon while Labette and Chautauqua County residents are paying nearly the same at $3.08/gallon which is two cents higher than the state average of $3.06. Elk County is the lowest in the immediate area at $2.90/gallon.


While prices in Oklahoma are up 16 cents over the past month to $3.01/gallon, it is the 5th least expensive gas in the U.S. Washington County is currently $3.04 while Nowata County sits at $3.03.


The national average of $3.34 is two cents more than a week ago, six cents more than a month ago, and 94 cents more than a year ago.

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