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Chautauqua Count Commission Considers Future of COVID-19 Policy


An hour-long discussion over the future of COVID policy in Chautauqua County dominated Wednesday’s commission meeting.


Members of the Chautauqua County Health Department and USD 286 Superintendent Kay Hill attended the discussion surrounding with the county’s current policy regarding positive tests and isolation. As it stands, those who test positive are required to isolate for 5 days.


In addition, area schools are no longer notifying parents whose children may have come in contact with a positive case, whether through the classroom or extracurriculars. That is in line with a recent KDHE suggestion to temporarily suspending contact tracing activities for 30 days.


Health Department representative Ranee Smylie said the fast-spreading Omicron variant hasn’t yet become prevalent in the county despite rising cases.


Different proposals are being considered, but the commission decided was made to table any kind of action until it can discuss it further next week. In the meantime, current guidelines are to be continued. Parents of school children are encouraged to exercise personal responsibility in determining whether their child is healthy enough to attend class.

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