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Local News

Vehicle Found Torched in Parsons


A Parsons Recreation Center truck was found on fire earlier this week.


On Monday, Parsons Police Officers were called about a stolen vehicle that was located around 25000 and Kiowa in Labette County. During the investigation, it was discovered that the vehicle was stolen from Marvel Park stadium. Along with the white Ram 1500 pickup truck, an acetylene torch was also stolen.


Parsons officers also took a report of an attempted Theft and Arson report at the Labette Bank ATM in front of the Chamber of Commerce building in the 500 block of Main. The video showed a white 1500 Ram pickup in front of the ATM while the occupant used an acetylene torch to attempt to cut the ATM open.


Officers are working in collaboration with the State Fire Marshal's office and the Labette County Sheriff's Department for the arson of the stolen vehicle. The vehicle is considered a total loss. This would be the third vehicle stolen from the City of Parsons that was set on fire.

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