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Man Arrested for Cruelty to Animals


An Erie man has been arrested on a cruelty to animal charge.


Earlier this week, Parsons officers were called to the Parsons Livestock Market for a possible animal abuse case involving a horse. When officers arrived, they were told that the suspect was driving a truck with a horse in a trailer. The horse was not tethered to the trailer, and the driver drove off at high speed and then slammed on the brakes causing the horse to be thrown forward in the trailer. The driver would then put the vehicle in reverse and do the same thing causing the animal to be thrown to the rear of the trailer.


The vehicle was located at the livestock market and contact was made with the driver. The investigation revealed that there were skid marks that supported the witness's account of what happened. The horse that was in the trailer also had cuts on its head.


27-year-old Ty Owen Swiler was arrested on suspicion of Cruelty to Animals.

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