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County Clerk's Office to Help with Homestead Refund


 The Montgomery County Clerk’s office will be available to assist in processing the Homestead or Safe Senior Property Tax Refund for low-income seniors starting Tuesday, January 18th.


The deadline for processing the returns will be Friday, April 15th. Renting does not qualify for the Homestead refund. You must be a homeowner and pay the property taxes to qualify. You must file a Federal Income tax return before calculating the food sales tax credit. If you do not file a federal income tax return then you do not qualify for the food sales tax credit. The clerk's office will not be able to process these claims unless all necessary paperwork is brought in. If you have any questions, you can contact the County Clerk’s office at (620) 330-1200.


A list of information to bring with you can be seen below:

SRS Food Stamp payments for all of 2021

Cash Assistant payments for all of 2021

Social Security (1099) Benefit Verification form that includes your “Date of Disability Onset” (if receiving disability payments)

Income letter for all of 2021

1099 (Interest and Income)

Children Birthdates

Social Security numbers

Homeowners Statement for 2021 Property Taxes-Applicants names must be on the Deed.

Income All income for any household member over the age of 18  

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