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Animal Activity Changes as Temperatures Cool


While most of us have been enjoying the cooler Fall weather, wildlife in the area have had other priorities. Some animals are looking for their winter homes and stocking food. While these changes don't have a lot to do with humans, they do impact our daily lives.


Two different animals that come to mind are mice and deer. Mice usually try to come indoors while deer are on the run. K-State Extension Agent Adaven Scronce first explains why mice try to come indoors.


Scronce also says this is a time of year to look out for deer as they are currently in rut which runs from September to February but hits its peak in November. Most of this activity occurs at dusk and dawn when most people are on the move. Scronce gives tips on what to do if you see a deer in the road.


For more information on this subject, you can contact Scronce at the K-State Extension Independence office at 620-331-2690.

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