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President Biden 30x30 Could Affect Kansas Farmers and Ranchers


President Joe Biden signed an executive order titled the "30x30" which would grant the federal government the right to protect 30% of the nation's land and 30% of the nation's oceanic areas.


These areas are also known as National Heritage Areas and they are in 29 different counties in the state of Kansas. According to Kansas Mayoral Candidate Mary Powell, this would greatly affect farmers and ranchers across the state of Kansas. Southeastern Kansas counties affected include Allen, Chautauqua, Cherokee, Crawford, Labette, Montgomery, Neosho, and Wilson counties.


Powell spoke at the most recent Montgomery County commission meeting to warn the commissioners to not accept the money the government offers them when the time arises. Powell added that 30+ more counties across Kansas and Nebraska could be added as NHA's.


The reason behind the executive order is to limit climate change and secure the natural life support systems such as clean air and clean water, food, and quality of life.


No action was taken by the commissioners.

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