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Local News

Interactive COVID-19 Mask Mandate Map


A new interactive map regarding county mask mandates has been created by the Kansas Division of Emergency Management.


The map shows each county's mask mandate including Montgomery County which shows that there is a mask mandate in place. Montgomery has the governor's EO 20-52 order in place, but the map also states that the mandate is not being enforced because of "lack of leadership, buy-in and inability of law enforcement".


Labette County only has a mask ordinance in the city of Parsons, which is different from the governor's order, and their police department has been enforcing it, according to the map.


Counties in southeastern Kansas that do not have any order in place include Chautauqua, Elk, Greenwood, Wilson, Woodson, Allen and Neosho counties.


According to the map, 20 counties are following the governor's order, 14 counties have county-specific orders and 71 counties have no mask ordinance in place.

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