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Indy City Commission Approves Change Orders for City Hall Project


The Independence City Commission approved three change orders regarding the 1916 City Hall project at its regular meeting Thursday. Change Orders 8, 9, and 10 will bring $30,187.30 in deducts to the project. Change Order 10 in particular concerns the elimination of windows on the east side of the building and makes up the bulk of the total in deducts.


An ongoing issue with the project has been frequent delays with receiving windows for the project. Commissioner Leonhard Caflisch expressed concerns with the delays that the project's contractor has experienced.


Commissioner Dean Hayse brought up his experience in project management, saying that the delivery of the windows should have been prioritized.


The total project time, according to Caflish, has passed 400 days. The original end date for the project is scheduled in late September. Additional documentation regarding the change orders can be found here.

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