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Canvassing Taking Place in Montgomery and Labette Counties


The Labette and Montgomery County Commissions got together Monday morning to canvass votes and determine final vote counts for two competitors in a close state senate race. Incumbent Dan Goddard and challenger Virgil Peck will await the results from the commissions, which both convened Monday.


KGGF's Jared Sleppy reports that the initial count from Montgomery County is 34 votes for Peck and 19 votes for Goddard, which widens Peck's lead in the county. KGGF's Matt Jordan reports that 23 votes were counted in Labette, with 20 going for Goddard and 3 going for Peck. After all provisional ballots have been counted, Peck holds a 23 vote lead.


"I'm very fortunate and very thrilled with the support that I have received from my neighbors and friends," Peck said. "The people that know me overwhelmingly supported me, and I am humbled by that."


A potential recount of all votes has already been filed in all three counties. Recounts in Montgomery and Labette Counties will depend on the result of the Neosho recount, 

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