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Local News

MCWC Receives Grant


The Montgomery County Wellness Coalition has been awarded a Blue Cross Blue Shield Pathways Grant to assist in addressing problems the county's citizens face.


The grant, which was awarded in partnership with Grow Labette in Labette County, will bring in up to $500,000 geared toward health and wellness. Montgomery County is 101st out of 104 counties in health outcomes for the state of Kansas, according to county health rankings and roadmaps. Citizens of the county are often dying before the age of 75 and report more poor health days and good health days. 


Marci Roberts of the Montgomery County Wellness Coalition told the county commission Monday that the funding is vital to attacking the issues that the communities in the county face


Over the next 6 months, an action committee will be formed to select packages and pathways to take to help get people involved in their own wellness. Roberts said their ultimate goal is to make the healthy choice, the easy choice.


The grant received by the Wellness Coalition is made up of two parts, one of which will provide two part-time jobs split between Montgomery and Labette Counties.

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