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Caney Police to Post Active Warrants on Facebook


The City of Caney’s attorney has given the Caney Police Department the go-ahead to publish the names of people the Caney Police Department currently has warrants on.


According to the CPD, they are in the process of reviewing how they would like to proceed with the project. Chief Kevin Kitterman said those who have an active warrant should go to Caney City Hall and pay their ticket before their name is published. He said it should come as no surprise since the court clerk sends out notices to those with active warrants. The names will be published on Facebook as part of "Warrant Wednesday."


The Caney Police Department added that the city court only issues warrants as a last resort, due to someone not showing up for court, or not paying their fines. A driver's license can also be suspended if fines are not paid or if someone does not show up for court. You can find the original post from the CPD on Facebook here.

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