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A Dewey Man with COVID-19 Shares His Story


A self-employed farmer west of Dewey said he has tested positive for the Coronavirus.


A fever, cough and a headache – these are symptoms Randy White, a 53-year-old man, had before he tested positive for COVID-19 at the Ascension St. John Jane Phillips Medical Center in Bartlesville. He said he could not walk into the hospital like a normal human being could before worries over the virus increased.


According to White, nurses and doctors were covered in protective gear. He said everything felt surreal and that it was as if he was living through a zombie apocalypse.


The fever for White got serious about two weeks ago. The next week is when it was decided that he needed to see a doctor.

Once the doctor was contacted, it was recommended that White visit Urgent Care. When White saw the price for Urgent Care, he decided to stay home instead and wait for an appointment. Eventually an appointment was setup and he was able to be tested for COVID-19 on Friday. The results came in on Sunday. White ended up being the second person who tested positive for the Coronavirus in Washington County.

A Q-tip was used during the test at the hospital. White said that it was shoved as far up his nostril as it could go. He added that his partner has not been tested.


When White was tested, the hospital told him they ran out of tests. That is why his partner could not be tested. Both have the virus, however, because they share the same symptoms.


White said they have had to come up with a contingency plan to help them prepare for the worst. He said they have had to ask themselves who is going the tough questions. And who is going to take care of the farm? Who is going to take care of the dogs? What are we going to do? These are some of the questions White is asking. He said he never thought he would be asking these questions at this point in his life as he faces a serious illness.


Not being able to see his 70-year-old mother and his 80-year-old mother-in-law has worried White too. White said he is cut off from them during this time off of isolation. He said they normally would go grocery shopping for them because they need help with their groceries. And with the shelves in most stores locally being empty, they need help now more than ever.


Luckily, White and his partner have people to help them during their quarantine on their farm. White said he hopes they are not a burden to them, and that they stay out of harm’s way during this worldwide pandemic that has hit a little bit closer to home in northeast Oklahoma.

The fever that White and his partner have experience have lasted for 15-days. He said there symptoms are mild, but they have suffered from dry coughs and soar chests. Breathing is particularly difficult, they have soar throats, and they have headaches that can be terrible one day and fine the next.


White says he has traveled only to Kansas City, Joplin and Tulsa lately. He asks that you to stay home no matter what until this blows over. In the meantime, he will heed his own advice, and stay away with the hope that he will feel better soon.

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