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Local News

Chautauqua County Commission Meeting Monday


The Chautauqua County Commission met on Monday for their first weekly meeting of 2020. Following the acceptance of the prior meeting's minutes, Mark McCall gave the board an update on the various road and bridge projects occuring throughout the county.


After an hour-long executive session for the annual review of employees, the board also passed Resolution 2020-01, which resolves to protect and defend the individual right to bear arms in Chautauqua County. Under the resolution, officials elected by the citizens of Chautauqua County have no authority to force any federal law that would unconstitutionally infringe on an individual's right to bear arms. Commissioners Rodney Shaw and Jack Carpenter were physically present to vote for the resolution, while Parker Massey called in to also vote in favor. The resolution becomes effective as of today.


The board of commissioners will meet once again next Monday on the second floor of the Chautauqua County courthouse.

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