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Montgomery County Commission Meeting for January 6th


The Montgomery County Commissioners met for the first time in 2020 with plenty of discussions about purchase approval, generator invoices and public works.


The meeting began with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, then the Commissioners approved the agenda, minutes and invoices.


Carolyn Muller from the Health Department was present to discuss the purchase of a new refrigerator in Coffeyville. They checked with three different sources, one that was more expensive than what they were looking for and one that was cheaper. They settled on one fairly similar to the original and the price was listed at $4858 along with a shipping cost of $750. After review by the Commissioners, the purchase was approved unanimously. (AUDIO)


District Fire Chief Rick Whitson was joined by Lee Miller for a brief period during the meeting to discuss an invoice regarding a generator. After brief discussion with the Commissioners, the invoice of the generator was approved unanimously. (AUDIO)

Public Works Coordinator Jim Wright went before the Commission with a couple of items on the agenda. Wright was joined by Kenneth Weaver regarding dissolution of the Sewer District #2 Advisory Board while there was discussion regarding a request for a street light at 58 road and Brookside Drive. (AUDIO)


The street light discussion ended in decline from the Commissioners because it didn't make sense financially.

Executive Director of the Montgomery County Action Council, Trisha Purdon provided an updated to the Commissioners as they're now in full swing for 2020. (AUDIO)


Purdon brought up the recent news of Phoenix Investors purchasing the old Amazon building as they are leasing that building to Array Technologies and how it is set to bring in some new jobs for the community and Purdon says that the number for potential jobs continues to rise. (AUDIO)


The Commissioners also went into an Executive Session regarding job status for non elected personnel. 


A reminder the agenda is always subject to change and all of the meetings are open to the public.




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