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Cherokee County Sheriff Warns of Roaming Deer


The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office is warning motorists of deer on the move this time of year. Sheriff David Groves said last year saw an increase in the amount of car crashes involving deer, from 187 in 2017 to 204 in 2018.


Groves also said dawn and dusk were the most common times for these types of crashes, and offered a list of safety tips. You can find those tips below.


  • Scan road ditches. If you see a deer, slow down and continue with caution.
  • Drive with your high beams on if there is no oncoming traffic.
  • Do not take evasive action to avoid a deer.  Generally, it's better and safer to hit the animal than swerve to miss it.
  • Deer typically travel in groups. If you see one, expect others.
  • If you strike a deer, pull all the way off the roadway, activate your emergency flashers, stay in the vehicle, and contact your local law enforcement agency.
  • Always buckle up.

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