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Active Shooter Drill For P.S.U Campus



An active shooter drill will be held at Pittsburg State University in Shirk Hall on July 30. According to University Police Chief Stu Hite, the objectives of doing such a drill is to provide officers and sergeants a valuable real-world scenario in order to practice skills and communication. Additionally, it allows them to practice the use of protective and tactical equipment and gear, and to run through a post-incident debriefing. 


Hite said. “This will give officers the opportunity to practice addressing the threat and clearing a room, to work on traffic stops and felony traffic stops, to implement first aid, and to give current and accurate information to dispatch and other officers arriving on the scene.” “Active shooter response is an ever-changing, fluid process and we continue to study after-action reports from incidents across our country and internationally in an attempt to learn from things that went right and wrong in every event,”


“Having such a drill assists our staff in being prepared with best practices.” “It’s also an opportunity for sergeants to practice setting up command, controlling the scene, getting officers into the correct tactical positions, and determining where outside responding resources need to be.” 


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