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Local News

Unsuccessful Veto Override of Tax Relief Plan


With many legislators on vacation or unable to make it to Topeka today due to weather conditions, House Republicans were six votes short of getting the necessary two-thirds majority votes to override Gov. Kelly's veto of HB 2033 which would provide tax relief to Kansas citizens. After The official vote for the override was 78 yes to 39 no.


Representative Doug Blex for Montgomery County said this means taxes will increase. But Gov. Kelly said Kansas will have $606 million in the bank at the end of the next fiscal year and said she vetoed non-essential spending to prepare the state for unexpected emergencies.


Republicans say they have a better chance of overriding her veto of paying $51 million to the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System or KPERS which funds county and city employee pensions. While the Senate tried to assemble to discuss the override of the KPERS veto, they had to clear the galleries of disruptive spectators about noon today.

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