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Local News

Nowata Inmate Charged for Escaping Jail


The Nowata inmate who escaped jail Monday night was arraigned Thursday morning at the Nowata County Courthouse. 24-year-old Caleb Epple was charged with one count of felony for escaping. Judge Carl Gibson set Epple’s bond at $125,000. Epple allegedly walked out the jail's back door which was left unlocked, and he was out of custody for approximately 40 hours before being tracked down in Nowata Wednesday afternoon just a few blocks away.


Sheriff Mirta Hallett said breaking and entering while eluding police could be additional charges, but the State of Oklahoma did not proceed with that. Epple has other felonies pending including assault and battery of a police officer, burglary in the first degree, and burglary in the second degree. Epple expressed interest in representing himself, but Judge Gibson plans to appoint counsel from the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System. He's due back in court next week on the 15th.

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