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Coffeyville Leader Produces National Hit Song for Salvation Army


Joe Brooks of the Salvation Army and River of Life Tabernacle Church has a newly recorded song that is going national, to be played across the United States! The name of the song is based one of their slogans that the daughter of founder William Booth, Evangeline, came up with herself. Here's Joe's song, Doing the Most Good.


Salvation Army is planning to use Joe's song to promote their Christmas Kettle Campaign, and we can plan to hear it on TV and radio commercials across the country. Congratulations, Joe! 


Click the following to hear two others songs by Joe recorded at KGGF:


  1. Coffeyville's Reawakening for 150th Anniversary
  2. A Choice to Rejoice - Joe said blessings and miracles happen when we rejoice in the midst of calamity and hardship.



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