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AK-47 Gunman Caught on Camera in Coffeyville

The Coffeyville Police Department has been receiving a lot of calls about a Facebook posting where a man crossed through Superintendent Craig Correll's backyard with a gun, specifically the most widely used assault rifle in the world, an AK-47. Coffeyville's police chief, Kwin Bromley reassures the public they are on top of this one. Bromley said they are erring on the side of caution that the gun is real and not one used in paint ball. Bromley explained they have seen only a picture of the gun. Perhaps it's a toy gun like the one used in paint ball, but from what they have gathered so far, the gun could be a real AK-47. The individual has been identified but but the police do not want to make the name public yet. They have reason to believe this incident is related to another one across town.


Chief Bromley pointed out that this camera system was a tremendous help. He said they are inexpensive and encourages everyone to have one. Not only will the added security safeguard one's property and give peace of mind, but in the event something does happen, one would have instant evidence to identify the perpetrator. If anyone has information on the AK-47 gunman, contact Coffeyville Police Department at 620-252-6160.

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