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Sherwin Williams Park Expansion



We spoke with Director of Recreation David Raines of Coffeyville Rec. Commission as he is happy to announce some big plans out of the commission, and it's coming summer of next year. Happy to announce that in the summer of 2019 they will be expanding Sherwin Williams Park. After attending the Recreation Conference in September, Raines is excited about the many options they have to add to the park. The goal in mind is to continue to encourage not only kids but everyone to get outside a little more. Raines says now days there are things like challenge courses, urban sports and even outdoor musical equipment as they aim to add things that will attract the more creative minded individuals. Raines says they will gain more input from the community as they move forward and hope to have the permit modifications sent down by the end of the year, by then they will have a clearer picture of when the project will be finished. If everything goes according to plan, they hope to start the project in the summer of next year.


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