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Local News

Coffeyville City Commission Honors Heroism


The City of Coffeyville recognizes three of its finest during this week’s city commission meeting. The city treasurer and two police officers helped save the life of a firefighter’s 18-month-old son.  Young Grady Midget was playing outside the fair office when he stopped breathing. City Treasurer Toby Hunt heard his mother calling to him. The son of Fire Lt Kevin Midget was turning blue and lifeless when she began CPR.  Police Chief Kwin Bromley responded and assisted with CPR.  The child started breathing, but it was irregular.  Police Officer Michael Purvis arrived and turned the baby over, giving him three strikes to the back which normalized his breathing. 


The child was transported to Coffeyville Regional Medical Center, then to a Tulsa hospital.  He is doing fine today thanks to the three heroes.  


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