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C.R.M.C Flu Shots




We sat down with C.R.M.C’s new physician in Family Medicine Dr. Michael Souter on the upcoming flu season. He says the best time to vaccinate has passed but it's still a good idea to get preventative health care shots. Whether it is the flu shot or pneumonia shot he recommends you get one each year. Souter wanted to clear up the notion that the flu shot gives you the flu, which it does not. Most of the individuals who experience flu like symptoms after receiving the shot have most likely already been exposed to the virus. To schedule yourself for a flu shot or other preventative care methods Souter says call the hospital at 620-251-1200. Souter says C.R.M.C. is happy to administer flu and other preventative care shots to citizens by calling the hospitals line and schedule for a flu shot. Souter is one of the newest Physicians at CRMC as well, and is taking new patients everyday for Family Medicine purposes and can be reached at that same number 620-251-1200


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