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A.G's Office Plans To Expand Memorial in Topeka



The Kansas Attorney General's office has announced plans to expand and renovate the Kansas Law Enforcement Memorial. A memorial standing as a permanent reminder to Kansans of the sacrifice that was made by over 280 law enforcement officers. We spoke with The Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt on his offices project to renovate and expand the Law enforcement Memorial in Topeka as he says the renovation would include adding a ring of bricks to the names of those fallen as well as a new website to further your experience. The website he mentioned also will have Biographies of the fallen heros and other great facts about the memorial furthering the experience you get when you visit the statehouse grounds. With that expansion comes a price tag, 500,000 dollars is the cost, though thanks to multiple major donors they only need about 75K more to have to funds raised. Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt urges your support by donating yourself and you can do so at

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