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Honor Flag Featured At Car Show




The 10th Annual Cops N’ Rodders Car Show takes place this Saturday starting at 8AM in the morning in the Autozone parking lot in Independence across from Memorial Hall. One of the founders of the event Truman Kolb says, the U.S. Honor Flag will be in attendance. The Honor Network was founded on the conviction that every person who is committed in service to our communities and country deserves the support of every single American, and that an increase in American patriotism is vital in keeping our great nation united. You can come and see the flag and learn about itss journey during the Car Show.  The portion of the proceeds will go towards the US honor Flag as well as Kolb had mentioned they wanted to try and set up a community fund for the area. The event is free of charge, there will be door prizes, a raffle giveaway and concessions, and if your early enough can drive in the parade.



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