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U.S.D 445 Adds Some Tech To The Grade Some



U.S.D 445 is always doing there best to keep up with the times and make sure our students have the equipment they need. Asst. Superintendent of Technology with the district James Elliot says this last year they added a handful of computers. Elliot says the district within the last year has added 300 laptops to the grade school, as he says the students have reacted well the the upgrade. Not only are they teaching them use of the device but also safe streaming while online as they block certain cities with the district buildings. Elliot discussed on how the district continues to grow with the times and invest into current technology. Elliot says whether you like it or not that's the way the times are going and we need to teach our children about it. Elliot notes their goal is to make sure each student that comes through their doors does not step back in time, but is supported with the technological tools that are available now.


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