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Local News

Legislative Session Review



With the legislative session wrapped up we talked with representative Doug Blex. As we spoke he looked back and gave us a recap of the amount of bills that went through this past session. Noting over 200 bills were reviewed and some may not seem as significant but truly are to someone. Blex noted the amount of bills ads up due to the many bills that wouldn’t affect things like tax dollars directly, seeming almost unnecessary but wanted to highlight they do have importance. Showing the integrity and transparency of our representatives. Blex finished with a 97 percent voting record as he is a good example of how we can easily overlook our legislative workers as they look at every single bill, even the ones that you didn’t know affected you. Some small bills Blex had noted on included a new noxious weed bill, new license plates for the state, and a new state rock, mineral and gem.

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